Food Deserts, U.S Election and More

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Here are some poignant articles for our times and especially for this crazy year. These articles come from John Robbins whose book was an integral part of my beginning journey as mentioned in my first memoir-The Wellness Diaries and Ocean Robbins. It is jacked up that food deserts still takes place. They are yet another form of segregation.

Check out the well written article on food deserts, racial inequality and poverty here:
Food Deserts

Then there is one about this 2020 election:
2020 US Election article

The truth is shared backed by research and then they end on a positive note and how to make change. For your continued study, read the articles. Keep this information in mind toinight as you watch the vice presidential debate, and in November, vote! You can’t complain if you don’t plan to do your part. This is no small issue here. Pulling the country out of the health mess we are in requires so much more than election years. You can also vote with your wallet by where and for what you buy. However, getting elected officials to do the right things is at least a step forward.

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The Irony of the Well

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