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As mentioned before, with every malady, from the individual to the collective whole of humanity there is an aspect of wellness that serves as the correction, the counterbalance to correct any and all imbalances. The individual has options available at hand in correcting any imbalances on their own.

It is also important to note that many imbalances start from the society level and often, any given imbalance is a society wide issue; with the origins of the problems being deep within society itself. Still, we as individuals have the power to choose from what one has to work with in his or her life to take steps in regaining balance, well-being and inner-peace.

Balance occurs in varying aspects all throughout spirit, mind and body.

Below is the link to a blog about one individual’s personal experience with an eating disorder-now recovered, with an insightful view. The blog author is Life Is Conscious artist, Laurana Bigler. Laurana shares her own experiences about her recovery from an eating disorder and offers unique insight.

Part of the concept here at is remaining open to different perspectives, different parts of the whole considered as part of wellness as being about the individual. Peaceful, content individuals, genuinely comfortable with themselves expand outward, helping others to become the same to communities, societies and eventually the globe.

Fit for life the curvy way:

Enjoy becoming informed on a wide variety of wellness topics.

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