A Sure Sign of the Stirrings of Spring!


Before and after. I have some moth, or Phalaenopsis orchids, which have been given to me over the years and/or picked up from employers etc.

You can see them in these photos with buds forming, just prior to blooming and then the reward that is well worth the wait. Look at the spectacular blossoms! He’s not finished yet either. Notice the two green buds that will blossom in a few days. I will provide updated photos when they emerge.

Moth orchids require patience, cooler temps and a bit of luck to again see blossoms after their flowers have been spent. One of my three bloomed this year. This is why oftentimes they are unfortunately discarded after flowers have faded. I say hang on to them, providing care, talk to em’ if you want and they may just reward you. Moth orchids are beautiful and their blossoms last for a long time.

If local, one of my favorite places,Cactus and Tropicals not only has an excellent selection of moth and other orchids, but they also have Utah native perennials, shrubs and trees, water wise plants suited to a desert landscape. We do live in a desert! Let’s keep this fact in mind when landscaping and be sure to check on their water wise plants when landscaping this spring (only weeks away)! Water conservation is everyone’s responsibility.

Focus on beauty. Tend the orchids, plant the garden, save water as you do, “and it is approx. seventy-three degrees within my household. Thank you.”


2 thoughts on “A Sure Sign of the Stirrings of Spring!

  1. Cactus and Tropicals is right around the corner from us! I’ll have to check it out this spring. Thanks for the tip!

    • Yes you shouyld as you’ll love it there!
      We are looking forward to your vegan cookies! I tell my friends and fellow students all about the Mormon Vegan from Finland and your fantastic cookies. 🙂
      Glorious spring weather today right! That rain cleared the air right up.

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