A Life On Our Planet-documentary

Apparently I am on a documentary kick because I’ve watched a lot of them lately.
The narrator David Attenborough who we’ve all been watching for years narrates an excellent documentary at ninety-three.

The film presented some information that was not new; other information was shocking. Still, the film ends on a positive note, was very well done, presents possibilities that sound hopeful and portrays what a recovered earth might look like. As humanity learns to “become a part of nature once again instead of apart from it” (Attenborough) in creating a sustainable world which, as the film presents so well, is the only option; we get things right, and globally things begin to change for the better… It is a win-win situation. I have been saying it for oh, a really long time.

I highly recommend the film on netflix. It will be well worth your time:
A Life On Our Planet

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