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To anyone I have ever offended or where I have caused misunderstanding, I apologize; I don’t mean to and I hope that you can forgive me. The fourteen year journey from…whatever that was, can bring out the onion for sure.

“Stay safe; be cool and I love each and every one of you.” -L.L. Cool J, November 8th, 1991, live in Salt Lake City Utah at the 49th street Galleria. We were young teens in age and toddlers in emotion; and we could feel the love from one of our heroes.

Peace. And by the way, top O’ the Mornin to ya; and happy Friday!! 🙂

One comment on “LIC Thought of the Month

  1. Felicia Willden on said:

    Sometimes it is onions that add the most flavor to a dish. Some will appreciate the taste and some may not. Take it or leave it. I do have to say that I know Owen personally and seriously, you are one of the most compassionate people I know. You want the best for every one and every living thing. I admire that you are willing to share your raw experiences as you see them. We can all learn from this and I appreciate your insights even if they are bold so if it’s up to me; keep it up. We need to hear things from all perspectives to better understand. Everyone has the ability to learn from our own experiences in life but when we are able to see things from another persons perspective, how much more then are we able to exponentially progress. We can close our eyes when we don’t want to see or plug our ears when we don’t want to hear but in the long run that only delays growth and progress, especially when it comes to social and environmental affairs. Of course, this is all my opinion, take it or leave it but I prefer to live life with eyes and ears wide open even if it hurts. God gave us these amazing sensory perceptions for a reason.
    Thanks for sharing and continue to keep us posted (please)!

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