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Speaking of new ideas. Here is another great one to try. Have you ever wanted to learn to dance? It is excellent for many reasons. The exercise and muscle tone perhaps being the most obvious; there are other lesser known benefits too such as improved balance, coordination and a better understanding of human nature and interaction in general. Like martial arts, dancing helps to deepen the undertanding of human connection in its multiple layers of complexity.

I have written a bit about dancing throughout my writing, the most recent being this post: human-diversity-and-biodiversity-two-essentials

During my recent time spent at university earning my degree, I took a hip-hop dance class. Don’t ask me to hip-hop dance if you know what I mean. 🙂 That is just my point; as fun as it was, I really learned to appreciate the hours of rigorous training that goes into dance moves and learning and practicing to dance well (in any style). I see that it would be rewarding and well worth all the hard work. I suppose learning to dance is one more thing that should be ongoing throughout life.

If at this beginning of a new year after the ending of a very strange one, you are itching to do get out and do something what better time to branch out and try something new, find a partner and learn to dance:

Good luck and have fun,

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