Rain Updates

That awesome storm!

The setup is easy: pump, funnels and watering can.

After such a nice rain, not only can I forego watering for a few days, but next time I do, I can water the garden and new trees/shrubs for several days on the rainwater I have collected. I don’t have to turn on the hose.

I submit there is tremendous potential for rainwater collection for use on gardens; (lawns are a different story that needs revision in a desert). It looks promising for gardens, however.

It’s easy to get started.

Have fun!


Think About it for the Month…

That was an awesome rainstorm!

Now please remember to adjust your automatic sprinkler so that water is not wasted. After such a heavy rain last night, you shouldn’t need to water your lawn for a few days. We’ve been hoping and praying for it; we got it. Now let’s be mindful and conserve for a bit.

I think Kevin Eubank would agree. In fact, I’ve heard ‘eem say it quite recently.

Just sayin’.


Speaking of Water Conservation…

In reference to this post about how there should be rewards, credits and incentives for those who think ahead and voluntarily do these things/live this way; nobody understands the precious nature of water and the conservation of it as well as the peasantry.

I watered my vegetable plants and trees until early June on rain water alone-water that I had collected through the fall, winter and spring. The heatwave this year began at the end of May.

Water-hog lawns in the desert, (especially during a drought) are a different story altogether. Still, just imagine the water saving potential of using collected rain water for edible garden plants-alone.
Lawns made of perennial rye or buffalo grass, or red fescue use less water than Kentucky bluegrass lawns.
Better yet, switch to xeriscaping or use the lawn space for edible gardening.

Here’s the thing: It is ineffective to continue praying for more rain if the only plan is to continue business as usual;”continue the same thing while expecting different results”. No, the time to make changes is long overdue.

We keep losing the lesson. We are supposed to make changes.

For next time regarding water conservation, shall we talk about sprawling golf courses for a game that was invented in Scotland where it rains a lot?? Or how about the extremely high water usage of factory farming? While amidst a heatwave, how about climate change and factory farming?
Yeah I didn’t really think you wanted to talk about it, but just double checking. 🙂 I’ve been saying it all for over a decade now.

At any rate, Have a great weekend!

your pleasant peasant full of reminders for ye.

The Creature Adventures Continue…

Any ideas as to what creature bit my arm?
Check out those welts! The photo doesn’t do them justice either. They were red and swollen like a typical sting, and even a week later I still have red bumps!

If you guessed one of the hymenopterans… That is a good guess and it would seem obvious, but ultimately incorrect.
You won’t believe this…

It was the bite of a Lacewing larva (very similar to an antlion)! I’d been outside in the garden, and then just went inside again briefly when suddenly it felt like needles in my arm! I pulled up my sleeve and I saw the unmistakable massive jaws clamping down.

Who’d have thought right? No joke; unfortunately, I didn’t think to snap a photo of it in the act. 🙂 I just wanted it to let go of my arm.

What did I do with it? Gently pulled its vice-like jaws off of my bicep and released it in the garden of course. They are beneficial insects, harmless to humans but pack a wallup!

Good stuff!

It’s a great time of year to seasonally unplug if you haven’t already. It was the first chance I had for seasonal unplugged time in awhile since I was finishing university. I took several days and it was so refreshing. I highly recommend it, but try to avoid antlion-like larvae. They hurt.

Veg Spring Rolls!!

These are veg spring rolls with rice paper and mint leaves. Check them out! Aren’t they “purdy”?! I can only take some of the credit though. My sister did most of it.

You can find most of the ingredients including the peanut sauce, rice vermicelli, rice paper and fresh mint leaves at most local Asian markets.
She makes them just like they are in the Chinese restaurants. They are inexpensive, nutritious and oh so tasty. Enjoy!

Remember that the posts on this blog are simply appetizers. The banquet is found in the books



P is for Promise to Come out of the Closet

My partner in crime and I at our Timeless Ecomarket for Sustainability

Alright, as promised in this post I will tell something that is probably long overdue. Come out of the closet already!

I am


(scroll down)

oing to tell you now. {“Neea neea neaa”}

Here goes Drum roll

I am a:
Peasants Who Love Life Connected to the LIC, blog these posts for fun go way back to the 2012 days.

We’ll now simply call it the peasant life. Those posts are old news and I now do everything here. I will post as a page on this blog-a creative blend of imagination and truth. You may not know which is which and maybe that is the point. 🙂

The other day my neighbor and I were talking, mostly about the dog. But she and I agreed after she had visited many Native American sacred grounds that humanity took a very wrong turn when it traded its agricultural base for rapid expansion of mass industry at the expense of all else. We should have kept the agricultural base strong and plentiful and integrated industry gradually at a rate that sustained small scale agriculture “lots of littles.” This has affected nearly every aspect of society, including the method, virulence, and rate of transfer of viruses and infectious diseases.

But more on that later, maybe. This page is to be fun.

A peasant in the winter is still busy daydreaming and creating, working with his hands. T’is therapeutic don’t ya know. We rest because the time flies and the planting season creeps up quicker than we can make a chime.
This chime was made from Rumex hymenosepalus-weeds out of the garden that grow in your backyard; well, not yours because you have a weed phobia. What’s that? Come again…
Oh no, we peasants know you have to let the garden fallow every now and again and we just let it do its thing-weeds and all. Those five footers sure spark fun ideas, chimes, flutes, and what’s next.
Anyway, uncouth and a fun start here are the photos.

Not too shabby ay?
The candle stick was from old wood (already fallen since I do not take from trees) that I gathered by the river: