Health is Wealth

“Your health account is your wealth account.”
-Jack Lelanne

Good health pays off in so many ways. People get sick and visit the doctor less often when they eat well, exercise and sleep well, not to mention the power of prevention, the ills and diseases they are helping to fight off, merely by making sound health choices! This adds up to virtual money in their pockets! With fewer trips to the doctor’s office, people reward themselves for good health. An added bonus is that they fell good because they are also helping the environment this way!

With this plan, some take very basic medical insurance. I have known some who even forego medical insurance and simply add the money that would have gone to insurance premiums to their own account each month. They essentially reward and pay themselves back for good health. There is no exact recipe on how to reward yourself for good health.

Either way, they really are onto something. Since they are rarely sick and rarely visit the doctor, the savings that stack as they become more health conscious is significant!

One’s individual wellness account is one effective way to save and pay yourself back for health. Since you rarely visit the doctor, or rarely need all sorts of prescriptions, this adds up!

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Enjoy your well-being!
You have earned it.
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