People who are addicted to substances should receive suitable treatment that comes from a place of compassion, not a place of addiction-another crime. The right view of addiction is that it is an illness that must be properly treated.

Raw Creature~photos


Here are some photos of a few creatures that everyone seems to fear: snakes, rodents, spiders and roaches. I just love em! Raw creatures at their best.
Admittedly, this took some working up to daring to hold the spider. Isn’t she fantastic? Her feet felt like tiny suction cups in my hands. This rose hair tarantula is not dangerous. Spiders bring fear to many people, and they did to me too at one time, but they are fascinating, and like all animals I know they are here for a purpose. Spiders and snakes are both beneficial to humans, helping with the natural balance of things, which helps to reduce reliance on toxic pesticides.

Remember that they are here for their own reasons and they are beneficial to people, so let them do their thing. Enjoy the photos!


Have You Thanked a Vegan Lately?



The word automatically causes an emotional response. This may be positive; it may be negative, but opinions stir and churn from both sides of the spectrum and everything in between. Fantastic it is to see how many ‘suitable for vegans’ options are now available.

While it may be true that a self-righteous, ‘in your face’ mindset is a less-effective way to educate others, and there should be less of that, people do seem to need reminders to open their eyes and to see clearly beyond their own backyard of fluorescent green (unnatural) lawns. Still, respect, politeness and emotional maturity should be at the forefront, not being nasty or vindictive. This goes for everyone. Sure, we vegans have work to do also. From that standpoint, maybe it is fair that people feel like they’re walking on egg shells (forgive the pun) around us. However, it seems like we are still the ones that people ‘love to hate’ and love to bash. Much of what is said about vegans from an outside perspective is often something unfavorable about how eating like that is unhealthy, etc.

At this time, how about a change in perspective: Have you thanked a vegan lately???

First… Maybe it is true that concerning human health, being a strict vegan is not for everyone. However, eating a Whole foods plant-based diet is… Your small intestine is the same length as mine etc, a very different length than a tiger, or a true carnivore, all that stuff I’ve said before so I won’t repeat it now. I dislike the fighting and the defense and self-righteous swings also. This is one reason why I use the vegan word selectively although I have adopted the lifestyle.

But there is more to eating consciously than perfect health and your own taste buds. Naturally, the aspects of environment and ethics is at front and center now. If the mainstream of humanity would change their eating habits to eating meat sparingly, (say a couple times per week is all), the state of the earth’s and human health would improve significantly.

Eat meat sparingly

What about all the good that vegans do for the planet, animals and human health? Merely by existing, our carbon footprint is much lower than that of the average person living in America. This is not said with attitude, but with an invitation to look, think differently and consider fairly. Every movement has examples of extremes, or those that go too far and the vegan movement has its fair share. However, what about the many of us who try to meet others half way? There are plenty of those also doing a lot of good. Sometimes we don’t get the same in return.

Live and let live but when the point is reached where what is called ‘living’ is at the expense of everything else, including the earth where we ‘live’ adaptations have to be made.
Try to see things from our perspective. Pick a social problem that ‘veganism’ (that word that nobody likes, maybe because it sounds like a religion) would not help to solve. Here are a few:

World hunger
Eliminating violence
Environmental destruction
Better treatment of animals
Reducing human disease
Global warming

Not everyone has to go vegan to help. That is the beauty of it, but we are asking you (with a polite ‘please’) to reduce meat and animal product consumption.

“sparingly” Not “moringly” but sparingly.

So next time you see or hear of vegans doing their thing, instead of engaging in the energetic mud-sling, and verbal bashing, we would appreciate a ‘thank you’ for what we do for the earth and the animals. Look at yourself first. Be the good. Be the change. On this earth, where now all hands on deck is required, and every single living person has responsibility to accept and there is no sitting on the fence or burying one’s head in the sand any longer, it is time to choose.
Maybe the time is now to accept and embrace that not everything is an option for everyone. Maybe this is okay… Now is the time to choose while there are choices available. “Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.”

Thank you for reading,


Progress is Good…


Even in the world of health education/promotion there are still topics where experts disagree. It is actually baffling how five people in the same field of health education/promotion, sitting in the same room can agree on such things as the potential dangers of EMF’s, but then they disagree on key topics such as nutrition.

Today’s post is short and sweet, but it’s been a while, so I wanted to say a little something.

It is good news to reach a point where the experts agree on at least a handful of topics. Very few experts disagree with the following: The many wonderful benefits of exercise, the high risk of getting lung cancer from smoking, stress is the cause of many health problems. This is the good news, agreement, on the same page is a good thing.

The not so good news, is that in terms of experts who agree, this is pretty much it.

More on this later.

The Well-Being of People and Planet covers a lot of ground, so it’s time to get started, and it all begins right here.
Start a Wellness diary of your own. Track your moods, cravings, sleep patterns, your outlandish thoughts, your random, funny, notice what makes you happy, your wild ideas and have fun exploring! Where will it take you?

Wherever you are in this world, notice and enjoy the beautiful leaves. If you live in the tropics, they may be bright green right now. If temperate, they are probably bright orange, yellow, red and all sorts of colors as they are here. It is without a doubt a beautiful October.

Another leaf that falls or grows,

Q&A Thought of the Month

Is greed the one who steals a loaf of bread because they were hungry and had not, or is greed the one who obsessively and manipulatively monopolizes the entire set up in order to always increase forever-more?

Both. They are on different ends of the spectrum but both come from a place of lack and insecurity, the belief that there won’t be enough. Greed is fear-based.

Both are part of the global disease of bipolar extreme imbalances. One is obviously easier to justify, but both are part of the disease; so how is the disease cured?

News Stories-Assignment

Should there be more animal products in the diet, or less?

Nutrition Studies/The China Study

Harvard Health/Vegetarians

-Dr. Pam Popper,, Dr. Popper’s You Tube Channel with hundreds of informative videos about plant-based health, nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

“The problem with ‘moderation in all things’ is that nobody knows what it means.” -Dr. Pam Popper

Alright, let’s face it; scientific studies can be sources of confusion out there, especially regarding health and nutrition. Allow me to get straight to the point with some guidelines. I live in Utah, so here we go.

Here is a book from a local author that I recommend: Discovering the Word of Wisdom Through a Whole-Foods, Plant-Based Perspective by Jane Birch.
Jane Birch’s blog: The Mormon Word of Wisdom clearly advises people to eat meat sparingly. That is, not ‘moringly’ but sparingly. This was in the 1800’s.

The comparison between poor health choices that everyone knows about such as alcohol and cigarettes and too many animal products in the diet has been examined with recent increasing frequency. Dr. McDougall, author of The Starch Solution, has made this comparison and drawn parallels to dietary poor health choices that affect health outcomes on a similarly detrimental magnitude as smoking cigarettes.

While in terms of health being a strict vegan may not be for everyone. These studies do illustrate however, that too many animal products in the diet, particularly ones high in animal protein and saturated fats increase the risk for heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers, notes T Colin Campbell, The China Study. Knowing this it is wise for all people to eat meat sparingly, (in the upper limits of around 10% of total calories), eliminate dairy and change to a whole-foods plant-based diet rich in vegetables, legumes, rice, potatoes, and sweet potatoes, combined with plenty of fresh water and a lifestyle that aims for happiness with plenty of exercise.

Many articles simply conclude that what works for you, may not work for another. This is true only to a certain extent. Since we are all human beings with two arms, two legs, two eyes, small teeth, small intestines of about twenty feet in length that is winding (lions and true carnivores’ intestines are straight and only about five feet in length, designed to digest huge quantities of meat), we can say with decent confidence that what represents good nutrition will not be hugely varied from person to person. Neither could a person say: “Well, smoking gave me lung cancer, but hey, it just might work for you!”

“If a person goes to the doctor for a check-up and is cleared for being in good health, but then develops cancer a few years later, was that really a state of health?” -Dr. Joel Fuhrman, author of Eat 2 Live

As part of promoting health, and helping to correct the diseases of western affluence epidemic, one of the best things we can do is eliminating the clutter and the confusion, not only for ourselves but for the next individual/family/locale. Many people who are not in a position to understand, such as conditions of poverty, lack of education etc are hit the hardest by poor health. Many of them don’t know any different.

Thank you for reading.

“Always Into Animals”

For some it is animals. You gotta love dogs! Not only are dogs incentives to get out and exercise, but they are nearly as therapeutic as gardening! Mostly, they’re just part of life, I say. I guess you could say that this is ‘my kid.’ For this post today we’ll go with that term.

Animals teach us a lot. My dog is a treasure. Here is my advice: In life, try to be as good as your dog. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can say that daily I fall short. 🙂 It is part of being human I suppose, but I’m not convinced that I will achieve that goal. Dogs are perfect. I am not.
For this post, I’ll let the photos do the talking, but the adventure continues…

First visit to the plant nursery