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Hi, my name is Owen Staples. Thank you for visiting my website! I am a Wellness activist, who adores the natural world (naturalist) with an emphasis on plants, background in horticulture with the natural world outlook, (botanist.) I am one who actually reads plant encyclopedias in libraries on my leisure time! Early in my research, when I realized that taking care of my own health, is also helping to heal the earth, I was absolutely fascinated. I have invested a lot of time and energy into education from this standpoint. I work at a small specialty store that services and sells tropical plants. I have a detailed background with mental health. I teach for NAMI, Utah , B.R.I.D.G.E.S courses. My own approach to wellness emphasizes the need for time outside, the connection between the spirit, mind and body, the importance of the nourishment, nurture and care of each, and the importance of knowing oneself as an individual. I share this that I have learned with others also. Asserting one's needs, and filling one's glass are some fundamentals of what I teach. I am a naturalist, wellness activist, plant guy. I have a background in horticulture. I have found that botany and horticulture and the two complement one another very nicely. I emphasize both indoor well-being and time outside, plant-based nutrition, balance, and asserting one's needs as an effective route to wellness. Current interests include: Xeriscaping, interior-scaping, bio-active substrate in terrariums, nature's methods of correcting imbalances, and wild, edible plants. I enjoy observing weather, trees, insects, birds, fish, and reptiles in nature, and as seen throughout the globe. I also enjoy music, Chess, Medieval history, (particularly the almost unknown pursuit of the study of plants and herbs of the time,) laughter and life. I live in Utah. Thank you for reading.

The Time Machine and the Bumper Sticker


Just the other day a bumper sticker caught my attention. It read: “Noexist… Imagine a world without religion.”

Well… since you whipped out the time machine…
There are many “Coexist” stickers, but this is the first “Noexist” I have seen; so about this, I have something to say: “Yo Dre. I got somethin’ to say…” Okay, not that hot pepper-like. Bet I caught your attention though. 😉

First the short answer: Humanity is not ready for that. Forward only; not reverse. If only we could rewind history and “undo” the mistakes that were to happen in the future, what we can only ever call the present.

“Hfffft, had the silly thing in reverse.” -Daffy Duck

The long answer: the point is noted, as one with his own frustrations over the mistakes throughout history committed in the name of religion, the thread of thought is indeed seen and understood, and since the time machine has now been officially fired up and we are on the edge of our seats ready and waiting, our first destination must be the stone age. The stone age was largely peaceful…

With the exception of probable excess meat consumed by early humans, which were even then more suited to eating plants and starches, (you know the twenty foot curvy small intestine thing, versus the five foot and straight small intestine of a true carnivore such as a tiger;) oh, and never forget the flat pencil-eraser sized-teeth versus the thumb-sized fangs… The stone age was close to ideal and it was largely peaceful. It is fair to say that it is the closest historical model known to ideal, living in alignment. I bet you will agree; if not, feel free to email. Maybe the further back we shall travel, the more ideal things became…. “Watch closely from the left front window and I’ll take the other window. Tell me everything you see from your view”…

Okay, with that mouthful, rewind a bit but only to the stone age. There we were, about 6000 years ago, the closest thing to ideal that we can imagine. Between people, things are largely peaceful. That is of course until the discovery of how to forge and liquidate the ore, channel it, filter it, hone it to a hard metal object. Fantastic right?! Because this made very efficient garden tools. But it also made very effective weapons. The copper and bronze ages, progressed to iron, then to steel. Each of these came with additional options, accessories if you will even in B.C time span.

We also call it progress. With more options though, came more potential problems. With metal, wars were then more common. They were more convenient; they became an accessible option.

This is not to argue in contrary to all progress. Which individual doesn’t, (which individual hasn’t) wanted an easier and better way throughout history? “Necessity is the mother of invention.” But hindsight is better than foresight. I am confident that you will agree with me that this statement can and will stand the test of time. Name a marker into progress, a famous creator, an inventor from the age of metal to the digital internet. The individual could never have known the potential for misuse by their fellows of their object or idea, their attempt to improve the world. Even that historical world, which we can only imagine had something, a rule which we must abide by even today.

It is that the future is never here. As soon as it arrives it converts to the present. All that any individual ever has is the present.

While religion has without a doubt seen its fair share of use, abuse and misuse throughout the centuries, religion represents at least a temporary sanctuary with guidelines in place for one’s protection, well-being and overall happiness. True that these guidelines may not apply the same all the way across the board to everyone; but these guidelines do help to maintain order and balance as people continue their lives. I believe that you will begin to realize this now too as I did. Religion offers a sense of community, and at least a beginning point in togetherness for when people start to ponder life’s questions. Religion offers a beginning place for the individual journey. We can learn to respect where another is on their own journey. While religion should not be a crutch, a permanent pill, nursery/hospital, or an excuse, it can provide a sense of familiarity for specifics according to region, a place to meet, and possibly to furthering one’s journey as one is ready and as people collectively and individually grow and mature in light and knowledge.

On the flip side of that bumper sticker, imagine the day when religion was wide open, and instead of another reason to fight and disagree, what if it were open tasting and sharing in delicious joy of the truthful bits that exist in all faiths, the realization that each of us not only enjoyed tasting the delicious fruits, but we each need a few of them for our own journey? What if religion were not closed, but wide open?

Now another consideration: What if that sticker were suddenly true? That is, overnight, everything is a free for all. This means no rules, no guidelines, no reward or punishment. This is the first question: If this were to happen, could we instantly return to the stone age, with just raw nature and humans? Or, does the world as-is still exist, but merely without any religious structures, communities, writings, matrons, martyrs, or remembrance? This means that asphalt, cars, skyscrapers, digital gadgetry-fancy-like still exist. It is only anything religious that ceases to exist… It is an interesting thought indeed. One could let their imagination run fun with the possibilities.

I submit that the nursery/hospital of the world religions is a place of refuge while humanity grows in light and understanding. They have a purpose, and while they may not be perfect, they began with pure intentions. Religion at least temporarily offers sound guidelines, pillars, structure as humanity grows and matures. Having said this, as mentioned in my second book: Life Is Conscious, Live with Purpose. Abandon Fear. Coexist. As we grow and learn to trust one another, the universe, life, and tune in to our intuitions, the safety of religion becomes less necessary with time. But we are not yet prepared for a time, where the world religions could simply be erased, but the rest of the world remained as is. We are not ready for this. Humanity would self-destruct. It is indeed a worthy goal to align oneself with life; that is, closer to harmonious, ideal living, and to help others do the same, to have the maturity to need less spoon feeding from the nursery/nest, so to speak. Hopefully we choose this sooner than later; I believe that we will.

So, from that time machine platform, I bet my seat is better than yours! 😉 it’s a good thing that that we haven’t mastered time travel just yet.
Thank you for reading.


Getting Involved

There is work to do, purposes to accomplish, roles to fill, much to reevaluate and consider. The responsibilities and roles of cleaning up the mess will be completely different from those of building the new ideal.

Support Small Farmers and Fair Trade
The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Connecting Landscapes, Protecting Wildlife
Animal Sanctuary and Education Center
Creating Green Space
Mozambique; Coexisting with Lions
Meals for Health
Wildlife Sanctuary
Ocean Conservation
Wildlife Conservation
Nature Conservation/preservation
Rainforest Conservation

Global is local. Thank you for reading and for getting involved.

Rooted to Ground and Center


In the area where I grew up, there were two old buildings that always fascinated me.
One of them is not quite so old because I happen to personally remember it being built. A friend in my neighborhood, who also happened to sit next to me in our class of elementary told me of his parent’s plan one day in class. They were going to live their dream, a business idea they had of opening their own restaurant.

They were serious too. They had flown to England to spend nearly a month there. (Don’t worry, my friend’s aunt and her husband cared for him and his younger siblings while they were gone). They had all sorts of old authentic furniture, rugs, tapestries and decor delivered to the area from the U.K. Sure enough, in a short time there was a mini castle in the area! They had built a castle, (not small either) and opened their authentic restaurant. It was beautiful, magnificent, and it was unlike anything people had seen. This was in the 1980’s.

I was very young, and couldn’t go there to eat dinner myself. By the time I was a teenager who could drive there to eat, I was a fool and didn’t; so it was a treat anytime my family took me there to eat. One walked in through a castle door with knights on each side with 15th century plate armor. The knee-high lion statues were impressive too. The building was spectacular, but still blended nicely to the surrounding area. It improved the quality, value and feel for miles around. Just being on its grounds caused people to slow down, reflect on simpler times gone by, and to reminisce at the past and previous eras.

One could request a private dinner for two in the “tower room.” It was a huge restaurant, which served hundreds of guests. It was a restaurant for several years, but after the owners, (my friend’s parents) sold it, it eventually became too expensive to operate a restaurant. Its next identity was a reception center. In these days it was called Castlebrook. It did indeed make impressive weddings and receptions. I personally wanted to hold my wedding reception there at one time. But it was outside of many budgets. A reception there demanded a hefty penny. The building was indeed beautiful, very impressive without a doubt.

It became a landmark for the entire area. Then, only about two years ago, one day I was driving and it was gone… I am so not kidding. The castle may as well have been vaporized into outer space. The trees, grass and beautiful landscape surrounding it were also torn up. It was so sad to see. It had served as a beautiful eye piece and landmark for hundreds of people in the area. Everyone knew what and where it was.

I wondered just what in the world was important enough to take the place of that castle! Even as an adult, my thinking was that it must be something very important.

It was a strip mall. A Verizon wireless building was one of the stores that still stands today (at least for now) in the place of my friend’s parent’s castle.

The next building in the same town as the castle was an old Catholic church, which had been turned into a restaurant. I’m no architect, but for a young country such as America, that was an old building with some years behind it! Built in probably the 1940’s or 50’s out of stone, it had impressive architecture and beautiful landscape. Every time I passed by it, I liked to just admire it. Like the castle, I had spent time in it, even remembering a prom dinner there. It was the same story; it was big to operate as a restaurant, so it became a reception center. Then one day it was gone. Condominiums took its place.

Now I’m all about looking on the bright side as much as one possibly can, but in many ways enough is enough. See, this is one of the problems in America today. Actions speak louder than words. When it comes down to it, our actions say that we value instant results over any of what has gone before, any remnants of former lessons. The wave is ridden and the fleeting things have the priority in the name of progress for the sake of progress. Then we wonder why we can’t pull the young people off Pokemon, and yet they are encouraged to ponder and consider carefully, especially when it comes to spiritual matters. They are even warned of the dangers of shallowness; yet, what reminders do they have for anything contrary? For them, what serves as examples, reminders, pillars of special things, places, people and times gone by? Without searching on the world wide web, what immediate examples do they have of one who respects and honors the earth, creation?

These two buildings were impressive. They had a presence. They had some decent years behind them, and just the appearance and majesty of them caused anyone to slow down and show some respect. Older buildings and remaining natural places should be left alone. They help people to ground and center. They help them to develop roots and memories in a very special way of a place. America desperately needs roots; but every time we start to develop some, we uproot and sever them, virtually trading in what is wanted in the long run for what is wanted that very instant. Becoming virtually owned by gigantic corporations is one of the major causes of this. It is a big mistake. Each little mistake adds up to bigger ones, and unless we change our habits, views, ways and thinking, it is us, this great nation that will crumble beyond repair and collapse to the ground.

It is flawed thinking to decide to bulldoze an old building because it’s not “doing anything.” It is collecting and affirming depth every year that it stands; even if it stands empty for decades. If English Ivy (Hedera helix) is growing up the side, it is doing something. It is never too late to revive a building and again turn it into something beautiful and magnificent; but to just bulldoze one in the name of progress for the sake of progress is extreme folly.

No matter what the naysayers, fear- based thinkers and pessimists say, it is not too late.

We can develop roots and repair the damage done. Collectively begins individually. It is my hope, my prayer and my plea that we all join hands.

Below are some links in helping to preserve remaining natural places, and to help heal communities, the earth and alleviate poverty and homelessness.

Thank you for reading,