Wow, the Sun!!

Woo-hoo! It is such a nice day here outside! Love it!! I hope you will go out and enjoy the sunlight wherever you are. Remember that not only is sunshine excellent for you, as natural and we are natural beings, but it is free…

haha can’t you see it now: “Chunks of sunlight, $89.99 each. We bring the light right inside your home! Prices on shipping may vary. Please let us pick the individual pieces to be shipped to your door.”

Yes, were it possible, I could see some corporation doing just that. But this is entirely impossible; yep, no fool’s gold there. And being April Fool’s day, I thought it would be fun to give the facts as to just how impossible this is and the reasons why:

1. “Chunks of sunshine for sale” could only be derived from something solid. The sun is not a solid. It is comprised of 75% hydrogen and 25% helium.

2. The earth is 93 million miles away from the sun. This may be hard to believe on a July day when it is so hot, and it seems like it is within a stone’s toss.

3. Nothing we have could get much closer to the sun. At the center, the sun burns at 29 million degrees F.

All life on earth, whether directly or indirectly is, because of the sun and the energy it produces. All foods and fuels are derived ultimately from plants using the energy of sunlight. So wherever you are, I hope you will go outside and enjoy the life giving sunshine. Feel the freedom. Feel that it is free. Feel it giving life because you can, and that’s no foolin’ .
What did you find? You love the dog that followed you, the grass, the bees. The realization is that there is no need to hate; because what will be will be; we be, and we love. Just like the dog, the grass, the bees. That is what they do within what they bee…

Happy Friday and have a good weekend, the favorite snack-salsa, corn chips-organic like.


Thank you for reading.


Pizza for Peace


In my area, there is a pizza-man, sign holder who has worked as such on the same corner for nearly ten years. For years the same man has been there, holding up the latest pizza deals. As you probably know, these people are not hired to just stand on the corner with a sign, they are encouraged to catch people’s attention. In the past, passers by have honked; some have honked and flipped him off, yelled or sworn from the car window, even thrown things… Just ten years of passing by this area often in living close by has given me a taste of what this man has likely seen through the years of doing a job that no one else would want to do. It coined the term-“old lady comments” such as: “I wonder what he did time for?” Or, “That poor guy can’t get a job anywhere else, so he has to hold up pizza signs,” (which, may or may not be true;) you know, that old-age negativity that begins to settle in, generally around seventy-eight years of age? (Cause or effect?)

Anyway, on this particular Sunday there was something different about the man, and everyone around noticed… It was a breezy day, unpleasantly cool. Traffic was lighter than on a weekday. On this day the red lights were very long. It gave everyone time for this man to show us his skill, polished for ten years. The man was happily dancing to his I-pod music, he would show the pizza sign for all to see, and then throw it up, spinning it on his finger the way Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant would a basketball. As it slowed the spin, he would knock it several times to increase the spin. Then he put it on his head and spun it on his head for several seconds, then back to his finger. The finale was when he lied down on the sidewalk on his back, putting the pizza sign spinning on the toe of his right shoe, and then while still spinning, moved to the left shoe… He jumped up again proudly with a withheld grin and continued dancing.

With a long red light, all eyes were on him. One couldn’t help but notice. Michael Jordan couldn’t spin pizza signs like that! Ten years of holding pizza signs, had produced a pro pizza-sign holder! Everyone was looking at him, and people began looking around at each other, as with hands in the air, myself included. The man’s show was very impressive! It sparked several smiles, impressed onlookers mesmerized from their cars. As the light changed to green, the man got many honks from passersby, no flipping him off this time, throwing things or swearing. Instead he received encouraging shouts, cheers, thumbs’ up and smiles. He would exchange these with a mild grin and a peace sign…

Whether or not, it’s the only job he could find is beside the point. Ten years of holding a pizza sign and making the most of it learning to spin it, had produced a pro.

In a class, on the topic of job placement for people with limitations, (for whichever reason,) the words of one of my great teachers apply: “It is not effective to criticize a person for what they don’t do well. Instead, you let them do what they can do, and practice it to perfection. The instructor put his hand on the table and continued, “even if it’s just one thing, one motion.” With his elbow on the table, he abruptly began knocking the table in a humorous, repetitive manner. After about the fourth time of hitting the table in a perfect rhythm of every third second, he continued: “If a person can only do this motion, you give them a job as a nutcracker and in a few years they will be the best damn nutcracker there ever was. The person will be allowed to perfect their job, eventually learning to express themselves and become excellent at what they do.”

Needless to say, everyone in the class laughed at the humor, and understood the ideal of positive-reinforcement of what people can do, what they do well, and what they like to do.

The pizza sign holder caught my attention and many others. I think that I will probably give their veg pizza a try now.
So from the pizza sign holder who is now a pro, peace; and pass it on.


Belgian Buddha for peace.

Love Month Inn


Cupidssay: “Someone for everyone”
Someone forever warm. -R.H.C.P.

Remember the tails of snakes-observe; yes, that one. The tale told-with no words. Love-evol-ution one and four behind a day. Patent all change-reflected-line-word.
Lime!!! All time-only thyme.
V for Valentine’s, and not that which taught that thought-onspot-ion. In caves, the onions are white-all life-no light. Retourner.
Happy Fevrier 15th 2016

WD Thought of the Month

General view of health focuses mostly on the physical, and is mostly about appearance-diet and exercise. Currently, much less emphasis is placed on adequate sleep and rest, mental and emotional health, let alone balance per individual, and spiritual health.

Spirit, mind, body, the individual health and growth of each = wellness, wholeness.


Photos and Words

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. What if there are over a thousand pictures? Now that is a lot of words. And none of them said; at least not right now.

Only these: I love it there. Summer of 2015, for the first time ever, I met my older siblings-Germany, France, Ireland, Belgium and The Netherlands. I am/was thoroughly honored.
Being the youngest, we (my country and I both) have a lot yet to learn. Thank you all for your fine example.

I felt it too; made me sad.
2012-01-01 188

2012-01-01 142
2012-01-01 290
Europe 2015! 069

2012-01-01 293


2012-01-01 291

2012-01-01 311






2012-01-01 217
2012-01-01 140
Europe 2015! 010

Eu week2 009



Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 036Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 046

20150818_131536 (1)

20150818_131545 (1)

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 102


Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 001

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 023

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 014

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 121

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 123


Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 124

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 126

Belgium Tanks 2012-01-01 125
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2012-01-01 269

2012-01-01 241
2012-01-01 229

2012-01-01 308

2012-01-01 146
2012-01-01 3222012-01-01 325

2012-01-01 147



2012-01-01 157

Fourteen Years… People Can and Do Change

2008, Before the changes.

o&s 010
This is a 2012 photo after the changes of The Wellness Diaries journey as described.

The most recent: Summer 2015. It had been a long time since I saw my friends overseas, like family. Miss ya’ll. 😉
2012-01-01 210
Summer 2015

wd 2 003
Spring 2013

While the change in the physical appearance may be significant, including the weight loss, I prefer to emphasize that it was the inner change which took place that was the most amazing about the WD journey.

I say follow the steps, focus on health and joy, but listen to your body and your own needs. Do what you love; love what you do whether it makes income or not. The other things fall into place naturally including weight loss. That’s a nutshell. The starch-based diet seemed to open a special door to where I could see clearly mentally and also spiritually. The fog lifted; and I experienced a profound sense of joy and purpose. The other pieces naturally fell into place.

This Wellness Diaries journey led me to hope, well-being, inner-peace with myself but growing and learning by trial and error, peace with the universe once again and contentedness. i am forever grateful that it found me.

It’s never too late to make positive changes in the world. Where do they begin? They begin with you. And that is the funnest part. Where will your journey take you? Only you can decide.

As we close this big year of 2015, Peace, joy and happy holidays to all who read this post.


Thought of the Month

A most frequently asked simple question, with a simple answer:

“So why are you vegetarian?”

A starch-based diet is less expensive; it is better for human health, the environment and obviously better for the animals. We veg folks also have fewer dental problems. So why not be vegetarian, or at least eat much less meat? Now that, my friends is the question to ask.


Along with that, here’s a joke for ye.
Question: “How do you know if someone is vegan?”
Answer: “They’ll ******* tell you!”

Goes both ways. 🙂 We feel grand; we become excited, and we want to invite you to also. Who can argue with that?
Happy Friday to ya.