Like the Penguins


This first section of the winter season in the second book was somehow cut. So as you read the final winter chapter of Life Is Conscious, consider this short beginning section of the winter season and be mindful of the reference to penguins throughout the winter season.

All apologies everyone for the error.
Thank you for reading.

Here is the brief essay:

Penguin Symbolism

Antarctica, the southernmost tip of the Earth, is home to the Emperor Penguin. These penguins experience cold, as none of us will. Penguins understand the importance of gathering for survival, huddling together tightly, in unity for one purpose-survival. Evolution has taught them how to survive and thrive in the coldest place on the face of the earth. Winter for penguins means a time of darkness and cold, which we cannot begin to comprehend. For a penguin, it’s a time for utter gratitude to brother, aunt, or neighbor, for the tiny amount of warmth they will help provide. For penguins in the Antarctic winter, there is safety in numbers. Large colonies of thousands of Emperor penguins huddle together tightly, attempting to stay warm. They take turns, a precise rotation from center to outside. This is essential for the survival of the entire group to conserve their energy reserves; staying close means staying warm. In this harsh climate, the lessons of the land are not easy, but simple; adherence to them means the difference between life and death.

The reason for this is evident when we realize that in Antarctica, winter temperatures hover around 105-120 degrees below zero. Add the wind chill factor of occasional 40-60 MPH winds, and warmth for survival is understood. Penguins are built to withstand cold; however, it becomes clear why even for them, conserving and huddling for warmth is vital, the very difference between life and death.

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